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EnviroLogic® Products for Utility Industries

EnviroLogic® 200 Biodegradable Gear Oils

(PDF Data Sheet) These high performance, synthetic, readily biodegradable and non-toxic fluids are designed for high stress and extreme conditions. Suitable for all industrial gear applications including winches, gear boxes and cranes. These fluids offer excellent extreme pressure and wear protection, corrosion and water resistance and long life.

EnviroLogic® 802 A Biodegradable Grease

(PDF Data Sheet) Grease frequently finds its way into the environment, creating sheens, as well as killing plants and animals. EnviroLogic 802A is a biodegradable, non-toxic #2 grease that offers excellent water wash-off protection and works under a wide range of temperatures. It also offers extreme pressure and anti-wear protection and meets the highest NLGI standards of GC/LB.

EnviroLogic® Transformer Oil

EnviroLogic Transformer Oil is an environmentally safe, biodegradable, electrical insulating and cooling fluid. It is recommended for oil-immersed transformers and other arc-forming equipment such as circuit breakers, switches, oil-filled capacitors and fuses. It is essentially non-conductive and demonstrates excellent low-temperature viscosity, low pour point, and high flash point. EnviroLogic Transformer Oil is highly stable in service and is non-corrosive toward non-ferrous metallurgies such as copper.

EnviroLogic® 300 Series Biodegradable Turbine Oil

These biodegradable turbine oils improve the efficiency of turbines while protecting the environment. They offer the maximum rust, wear and oxidation protection in high speed applications. These oils can also be used in light-duty industrial hydraulic and gear systems.

EnviroLogic® 3000 High Performance Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluids

(PDF Data Sheet) These enhanced synthetic readily biodegradable hydraulic fluids are especially suited for applications that call for extreme conditions. They are suitable for operating temperatures below -40°F and over 400°F. EnviroLogic 3000 fluids provide superior protection in high pressure applications and jobs where long fluid life is important. They exceed all major equipment manufacturers' requirements and outperform petroleum-based fluids. Available in ISO viscosity grades 32,46,68 and 100.

EnviroLogic® BioFlush

(PDF Data Sheet) EnviroLogic BioFlush is a carefully designed fluid which helps to flush and remove petroleum oil from hydraulic systems. This is done when converting
hydraulic systems to the use of environmentally safe, biodegradable fluids EnviroLogic BioFlush will condition the internal hydraulic system to help optimize
both overall system performance and fluid biodegradability.

More Information:

There is growing concern from regulatory agencies regarding hydraulic fluid leaks and spills. Even a seemingly insignificant oil spill can cost tens of thousands of dollars in shut down time, clean up costs, and fines.

While significant spills with EnviroLogic 146 readily biodegradable hydraulic fluids are still reportable events, the resultant costs associated with the incident are usually minimized. Good industrial hygiene should be utilized to contain any spill, however these are usually “non-events”.

Regulatory agencies including the MMS, Coast Guard, EPA, Marpol are increasingly recognizing the environmental benefits of EnviroLogic readily biodegradable products. They are aware that in less than 30 days spilled fluid will be reduced to safe, environmentally benign components specifically, carbon dioxide and water. There is no long-term negative impact to the environment and therefore no need for punitive fines. Frequently, an operator can continue working while rectifying the situation.

Another key aspect in assessing a spill related fine is negligence. When an operator is using a EnviroLogic 146 or other readily biodegradable products, regulatory agencies know that they are taking every precaution to not only protect the environment in the event of a spill but also to avoid spills in the first place. EnviroLogic 146 biodegradable hydraulic fluids can cost three to five times as much as conventional petroleum based fluids. Obviously, an operator spending this difference is doing everything possible to prevent spills.

Long-term remediation and monitoring is usually very expensive. Since EnviroLogic readily biodegradable products will dissipate within a 28-day window, there is no long-term clean up. Moreover, some of these fluids are vegetable-based and nontoxic and can provide a food source to the ecosystem.

EnviroLogic readily biodegradable products are high performers. When properly maintained, they will improve the performance of equipment as compared to conventional fluids. Field performance shows that their use reduces maintenance costs in terms of down time, parts replacement and man-hours.

EnviroLogic’s biobased fluids are renewable, support the agrarian community, and meet federal guidelines for environmentally preferable purchasing. Their performance has been proven in the lab and in the field. There has never been a reported case of a fine relating from an accidental discharge of these readily biodegradable environmentally safe products.


Q: Will EnviroLogic's environmentally preferable products biodegrade inside my equipment?
A: No, the products need microbes and water to biodegrade.

Q: How long will EnviroLogic products store?
A: 2 years. Keep the products dry. A small amount of water will not effect performance, and may promote additive deterioration.

Q: What are the in-use oil monitoring recommendations for a bio-hydraulic fluid?
A: 10% viscosity increase (Kv @ 40 degrees C), 2.0 increase in TAN (mgKOH/g), water contamination > .500ppm, additive contamination from other oils = 50 ppm Zn &50 ppm Ca

Q: Will using a biodegradable product void equipment warranties?
A: No, EnviroLogic products meet or exceed requirements of all major equipment manufacturers and should be covered under their warranty. If a lubrication related equipment failure occurs and the manufacturer reneges on the warranty, EnviroLogic will honor that warranty.


  • Over 706 million gallons of oil spills into the ocean each year.
  • Nearly all machinery and equipment currently using petroleum based oils can function equally well with the use of environmentally preferable oils.
  • A high performing lubricant functions by protecting metal components from wear, by protecting metal from corrosion, by dissipating system heat, by controlling contamination and by removing wear debris.

Beware of the 5 Myths:

Myth 1: The Coast Guard approves “non-sheening” oils.
Fact: The Coast Guard does not approve, recommend or endorse ANY fluids or any test method. The Clean Water Act defines ALL petroleum products as pollutants.

Myth 2: “Inherently Biodegradable” products are environmentally safe.
Fact: Inherently biodegradable products degrade eventually, but in no particular timeframe. They are pollutants and are subject to all fines, cleanup regulations and long-term remediation.

Myth 3: Food grade products are environmentally safe.
Fact: Food grade oils are not biodegradable, are non-toxic and not designed for food contact, and are designed ONLY for light duty applications.

Myth 4: All biodegradable products are the same.
Fact: There are many different types of biodegradable products, with operating temperatures that range from under 180 degrees F to over 400 degrees F. Some have cold temperature operation down to 30 degrees F to -30 degrees F or below.

Myth 5: Using a biodegradable product will void your warranty.
Fact: Warranties are based ONLY on performance specifications, not fluid type, and many OEMs have approved biodegradable products for use in their equipment. Some OEMs factory fill their equipment with biodegradable fluids, or will do so upon request. The right biodegradable product will improve the performance and life of your equipment.

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